We have given opportunity to expertise your knowledge in best way by which you utilize your skill & knowledge to achieve your goal. BIRD provides well-managed, challenging work conditions that allow team members to realize their potential, work in a friendly atmosphere, and enjoy the common spirit of co-operation of the BIRD Engineers member. It gives flexible salary with one fringe benefit after the initial period of probation period. You can send your resume in to join with our team.

    We are also providing DGPS Training for ITI, Diploma & B.Tech Candidates in all Branch. There are lot of application of GNSS, also called as GPS / DGPS in surveying and infrastructure development and monitoring. Best suits for Land Surveying professionals and businessman to upgrade their skills and business to capture advance surveying job, tenders.

    This Training Programme is designed to develop skills and solid understanding of GNSS surveying for the surveyors. This includes static, RTK, contour surveying with GNSS technology. This module is very useful for surveyors who are new and even experienced in GNSS surveying and want to upgrade their skills for better prospective.

    For Training Call us at  +91 9920476482