Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical investigation is a pre-requisite for design of foundation of any infrastructures such as road, railways, bridges, buildings etc. We have carried out geotechnical investigations in various terrain, in river and in sea.  We also carry out Soil & Rock Testing, Earth resistivity tests as our geotechnical investigation bouquet. Our experts have the necessary experience to interpret the data and recommend the type of foundations under the various loading conditions which ultimately help the Design engineer for a decision.

We provide services in the Geo-technical investigation / Soil investigation
works are as given below:

Field exploration

  • Different types of Boring & Drilling (Soil & Rock).
  • Collection of Disturbed & Undisturbed Sample.
  • Standard Penetration Test.

Laboratory testing

  • Triaxial/ Direct Shear Test.
  • Consolidation Tests.
  • Permeability Tests
  • Determination of density of Soil.
  • Determination of Liquid and Plastic Limit of Soil.
  • Determination of Index Properties of Soil.
  • Determination of Specific Gravity of Soil.
  • Swelling Pressure & Swelling Index.

Foundation consultancy

Calculation of Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil & Rock, Settlement of Foundation.